Deryn & Darren

Summertime Wedding in the Vinyard, Skaneateles, NY

Deryn and Darren, returned to upstate New York for their wedding day, and what a day it was! The weather was perfect, the bride's beauty beamed and as you'll see family & friends celebrated all around.

It was an honor to be behind the scenes for Deryn and Darren's big day! A big thank you to Leo Timoshuk, for sharing photos of this truly special day.

Photographer, Leo Timoshuk

Wedding Planner, Pamela Beth Weddings

Floral Designer, Backyard Garden Florist

Reception Venue, Anyelas Vinyard

Catered by Rosalie’s Cu

Ceremony, First Presbyterian Church of Skaneateles

Hair and Makeup by Bijou Salon

DJ/Sound Barb Fox Entertainment

Transportation, Walk About Limo

Wedding Cake by Michael Cheney of the Patisserie

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