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"Not sure where to begin! Pam was such an integral part of making our day so wonderful. From the minute we spoke I knew she would the ideal planner partner! She is warm, kind, and genuine while being organized and meticulous. She thinks of everything and was my saving grace while I tried to plan a wedding from afar during one of the busiest years ever. Every vendor she recommended was amazing and the combined team she helped us to assemble knocked it out of the park. I cannot recommend working with Pam enough - she is wonderful!!!"

"Pam is simply the best! Attention to detail and went above and beyond her contract for us. She thought of everything and had the ultimate calming effect! Loved by everyone at our wedding!"

"Pamela Beth Weddings made our dream day a reality. She was able to take thoughts from our head and ideas on paper and make it all possible. Her passion, compassion, sweetness , professionalism and great communication skills stand out. I had worries of two families coming together and all the stress that goes along with planning the day to make everyone happy. She had a charm that grabbed two families hearts...and made us all one. There was minimal stress as being the bride. She told me..."all you have to do is show up...and be beautiful"! That's what I did!! Thank you Pamela Beth Weddings....Shawn and I are forever grateful to have shared our once in a lifetime...with You!!"

"Pam is a true professional and passionate about what she does. She helped the events of our wedding day run smoothly which allowed my husband and I to simply enjoy the day and our guests. She always supported our dream for our wedding day and helped us achieve that vision. The week before the wedding she helped me figure out a solution and keep me calm when a vendor canceled at the last minute. I highly recommend her services!"

"Pam was wonderful to work with and incredibly supportive of our dreams and plans. Pam's hard work allowed us to focus our attention on enjoying each other, our guests and all of the important aspects of the day, rather than focusing on keeping to a schedule. We would highly recommend Pam as a wedding planner for anyone."

"Pam was incredible! She helped me focus on what was important and was able to work with my rather unconventional reception plans and make things flow. She did whatever was needed... Arranged flowers, helped serve. And she is a lot of fun. I highly recommend her."

"I could not have planned our wedding and had it turn out so well if it was not for Pam. She truly got me through and was my rock (other than my husband obviously.) My husband is in the army so we hit a lot of bumps and had various issues with the planning process, such as, date change only a couple months out, times he could or could not come home, duty station changes, job changes etc. On top of all that, not even being in the same region of the country throughout most of the planning process. Pam was there every step of the way and always had a positive light to shed on any situation that arose, which was needed quite often. Weddings can get a little hectic, especially the planning process, but Pam was always organized and prepared. She truly helped make it the most wonderful it could have ever been."

"Pam was the perfect wedding planner for us. Because it was a second wedding for both of us, we did not want our wedding to be a traditional ceremony but personal and reverential . we were not wed in a church, but in a lakefront setting and took our readings from classical poets, and our music from non liturgical sources. the ceremony was completely unique, and reflected our relationship and Pam was wonderful in the way she lead our decision making. it really was a three way collaboration..."

"Pam gave attention to detail, great organization and people skills. Pam has a wonderful capacity to hear the bride and groom's heart and convey their desires as she collaborates with other vendors. She brings a keen sense of traditionalism and currant vibrant new ideas to the table. Our entire family found it to be a pleasure to work with her."

"My wife and I didn't have what you might call, a "Conventional Wedding". So it was important that we work with vendors and planners who were at the top of their game. I laugh at the star rating asking about "Flexibility". I don't know if anybody could have been any more flexible in the needs my wife and I had on our big day. Pam was outstanding in a truly once in a lifetime moment. There was never a doubt that a need would be met. There was never a moment when we felt out of control. In a chaotic and stressful, yet anxious and exciting time in our lives, the cool under pressure, the calm before the storm and the "family treatment" we felt.... Pam stood up and stood out. Thank you, Pam! For everything!"

"We hired Pam for rehearsal night and the Day Of Coordination for the wedding day. Pam is a great asset to have, if only for those days, as she is most eager to help with whatever you may need. I imagine she would be the same if she were to plan the entire event. She is a very mild mannered person who can put your mind at ease on the small (or large!) details, so that you can truly enjoy your event. In only two days you feel as if she's been your friend for years! I would recommend giving her a call to chat, and I'm sure you will find she will be someone you will want to meet to discuss your event. A very classy and down to earth person - hard to find both these days!!"

"Pamela was hired as our floral designer! We were planning our wedding from Albany, and didn't make it to Syracuse very often so we worked primarily through email and a few phone conversations. We could not have made our vision of our wedding day happen without her! We priced a lot of different florists in the area, looking for someone who could keep us in budget and create our vision. We learned pretty quickly that we were either going to have to sacrifice some of what we wanted or increase our budget. Then we found Pam. She worked closely with our designer, Lovewell Design, to create a magical effect for our ceremony and reception. We honestly did not even see the flowers until moments before I walked down the aisle, when my father-in-law came up to us with tears in his eyes at how beautiful the venue looked. I don't have anything negative to say about Pam and her services. I only wish I could have gotten to meet with her before the big day because she was such a lovely person! Thanks so much, Pam!"

"When our son and his fiance asked that their rehearsal dinner be given in Syracuse, New York, my husband and I wholeheartedly agreed. The perplexing to make the venue reflective of our very special celebration, while keeping the charm of the restaurant? Add into the mix the logistical factor that we were planning the celebration, to be held in New York, from our home in Virginia. One phone call to Pam Eberle, PWC and we were on our way! Pam's delightful demeanor, commanding knowledge, relentless work ethic and significant experience combined to yield the sophisticated winning combination of decor and ambiance that my husband and I aspired to attain. In short, Pam left no stone un-turned in "knocking this celebration, so immensely important to our family, out of the park"! Thank you Pam, for your spectacular efforts on our behalf! I am delighted to recommend you highly to all who are interested in the best!"

"Pam was pivotal in our wedding. We knew we wanted to get married in the Syracuse area, because of family ties, but neither of us lived anywhere nearby. Due to work obligations, my fiance and I had to spend the year living prior to our wedding living apart. He in New Jersey and I in Minnesota. In addition to planning the wedding from afar neither of us had sufficient time to plan nor vision of what our ideal wedding would look like. We met Pam face to face and were immediately impressed by her knowledge, poise and genuine personality. She worked with us, meeting by google hangout to plan everything. In the end the wedding turned out beautiful and our wedding day was stress free. Pam absolutely nailed it! In addition to handling all the aforementioned work, Pam also carefully managed some opinionated family members to ensure the wedding turned out right. Pam was responsible for all of the beautiful creative flourishes that put just the perfect touch on our beautiful day! Pam is an amazing wedding coordinator and your day will be absolutely perfect if you decide to use her as your wedding planner!"

"Let me first start out by saying, if you do not hire Pam for any service, you are making a HUGE mistake. I cannot fully express into words how beyond lucky I am to have found her! From the moment my now husband and I met her at Panera for our first meeting to her safety pinning my dress late at the reception because the bustle ripped off, she has been nothing short of a God sent Angel. She is the most sweetest and most caring woman with a heart of gold. She is very, very professional and very organized. She was at every place I needed her to be and asked all the questions I didn't think of asking. She worked with us to customize a very special ceremony into what we wanted it to be. She kept me calm, cool, and collected during the ceremony and made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at the right time. She helped take care of my decorations and other miscellaneous items. She was extremely nice and welcoming to every person in my family and bridal party! The day of the wedding she brought along her assistant Staci who was an absolute doll! She was also very professional and very nice to everyone! Pam made my dream wedding what it was and it went off with out a single flaw! Pam does not disappoint and will be you #1 supporter. I highly, highly recommend her to everyone!!!!! We love her!!"

"I decided to hire Pamela Beth mostly due to the fact I was planning my wedding from another state and thought I could use some assistance. I selected her month out services, and initially wondered if I was really going to have much for her to do. Wow, was I in for a surprise. Hiring Pam was one of the best decisions I made by far. While I was pretty good at handing the big decisions, she thought of all the little details I would have forgotten-which made my big day run a lot smoother than if would have if I hadn't had her there. Plus just as wedding planning burnout was creeping up on me, she was there to help me organize the final touches. She did a fantastic job communicating with my extended family to make sure everyone was on the same page and understood the timeline. On our wedding day, our parents and bridal party were able to enjoy themselves and relax, knowing that Pam was ON IT. Highly, highly recommend."

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